What is SecureMe?

SecureMe is a service created specially for sourcemod developers to help them to secure his work.

How to use it?

For developers SecureMe prepared API which returns response in TEXT formats.

All you have to do is to send a GET request with your API token and URL Like the following:

Replace {userid} & {serverip} with the following details.

{userid} - your account id , you can get it from dashboard header YourName(Id)

{serverip} - server where plugin will run, servers can be added/removed from dashboard.

Usage in SourceMod

For SourceMod we already have a plugin with will help you to secure your plugin,all you have to do is to edit api.sp and put put your userid #define USERID "YourID", after this add in your plugin #include and at OnPluginStart Licensed();.

Download SourceMod Plugin